An Anthology of Ancient Mesopotamian Texts

An Anthology of Ancient Mesopotamian Texts

When the Gods were Human

Sabine Franke


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Learn about the ancient civilizations of Iraq and Syria, through the stories they told.
This book gathers the best stories of ancient Near Eastern literature surrounding the Mesopotamian gods, men, and kings. It takes the reader on a journey back to the birth of literature in Mesopotamia—which at the same time seems so distant yet so familiar.
Fairy tales, myths, and epics of this region are still able to entertain readers today—and allow us to delve into the fascinating life of this ancient civilization. This book includes fables such as that of the tooth worm, which causes tooth pain, as well as the great myth of Innanas, which describes the goddess Ishtar’s transition to the underworld. There are also stories of daily life, such as that of a student, and the Sumerian incantations against a crying baby.