Topics in Multiphase Transport Phenomena

Topics in Multiphase Transport Phenomena

Robert W. Lyczkowski, Dimitri Gidaspow


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Chapter 1 A Fluid-Porous Solid Reaction Model With Structural Changes, supplies details on modeling reactions with porous catalysts. The unique feature of this chapter is the pore closing, pore opening condition. This analysis is particularly useful for improving the design of storage batteries. Until the publication of “A Model for Discharge of Storage Batteries” by Dimitri Gidaspow and Bernard S. Baker, Journal of the Electrochemical Society,120, 1005-1010 (1973) the discharge of batteries was described by a purely empirical equation as a function of time. Chapter 2 Kinetics of the Reaction of CO2 With Solid K2CO3, complements U.S. patent No. 3,865,924 (February 11,1975) by Dimitri Gidaspow and Michael Onischak, on rates of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture. These rates of reaction were measured in a parallel plate channel at several laminar flow velocities. An integral equation flow analysis was used to obtain diffusion independent rates of reactions. Chapter 3 Silicon Deposition Reactor Using High Voltage Heating, describes an internally heated fluidized bed with no size limitations and with no bubble formation and its simulation. Chapter 4 Alternative Methods of Deriving Multiphase Field Equations, constitutes a literature review of approaches that have been used and/or proposed in the literature to derive multiphase flow equations which could form the basis of the theory and computation of dense suspensions of particulates such as coal-water slurries or blood flow.